IUOE Local 917 is needing the follwoing operators for BHI Energy at Sequoyah Nuclear Plant:

Forklift O.E.--report date:  10/22/18;    Crane report date:  10/29/18--(4) 90-ton crane operators could sub 1 of these with forklift quals;  Forklift O.E. report date:  10/22/18

Duration:  (4) weeks; (3) shifts

Rate of pay:  Crane--$31.62; Forklift--$30.62

H&W:  $4.70; Pension:  $4.50; Apprenticeship:  $0.50; National Training Fund:  $0.10; Per Diem-No; Background Check-Yes; TVA Crane Certifications will be conducted on site.




IUOE Local 428 Business Manager Michael P. Lee  has reported that his Local is in search for operators for the below positions at the Morenci and Safford Mines:

MINIMUM of two (2) years' experience; MSHA a PLUS, but not required

Trackhoe Operator-$29.19; 988 Loader Operator (Nights)-$29.19; D8/D9 Dozer Operator-$28.11; Serviceman-$28.11 + $0.10 CDL + $0.15 for Hazmat Endorsement; Finish Blade Man (Motor Grader)-$29.19; GPS Finish Blade Man (Motor Grader)-$29.19

Annuity-$75.00 Vest-4.35 per hour; Traveler Dues-$15.00 per week; Health & Walfare-$5.60 per hour; Daily overtime over 10 hours-Time and One Half (1 1/2); Subsistance-$85.00 per day.

Please contact Brenda or Sandy at (602) 254-5266, ext. 211 or 212



Click here to see the attached Hiring Procedure effective 1/1/18.

Local 139 is still looking for experienced dirt hands for most major pieces of dirt equipment: hoe, dozer, motor grader, etc. Unfortunately, when the call was sent out previously, Local 139 could not have known that spring rains would come so frequently and in multiple inches per rain event. The area in SE Wisconsin has finally dried out, and this Local is looking for hands because nearly all of the travelers who had previously contacted them are now working and their contractors are continuing to build their workforce.

Please contact Guy Yuker, IUOE Local 139 Dispatch, P-(262) 446-6313, F-(262) 896-0758, or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

 The rate of pay, work hours, and fringes are as follows:  Rate:   $33.27 - $39.72....Hours:  6-10's to 6-12's....Pension:  $10.20-$11.40....Health:  $9.65


Click here to see the attached Hiring Procedure effective 1/1/18.