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IUOE Local 181 is among 170 other Local Unions in the U.S. & Canada that collectively comprise the International Union of Operating Engineers. The IUOE represents a broad spectrum of occupations. Therefore, our locals are normally divided into two categories: Hoisting & Portable and Stationary Engineers.

Hoisting & Portable locals represent members who usually work in the construction field utilizing heavy equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, scrapers, etc. The members could also work as mechanics, oilers and surveyors.

Stationary locals represent members who work in any variety of occupations including rock quarries, river terminals, steel mill contracts, building engineers, HVAC technicians, skilled maintenance employees such as boiler technicians and a vast range of public sector occupations. These locals also represent healthcare employees, including maintenance employees, biomedical technicians, emergency medical technicians and registered nurses.
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"Mixed Local" unions represent both Hoisting & Portable and Stationary members. Local 181 is a "Mixed Local".

Local 181 proudly represents over 4,500 members. Our jurisdiction includes 26 counties in Southern Indiana and all counties in the state of Kentucky with the exception of Boone, Campbell, Kenton & Pendleton.
4500 Members
26 Southern Indiana
116 Kentucky
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