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When eligibility has been reached, covered members and any eligible dependents have access to a PPO plan known as Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Utilizing healthcare providers In the Anthem BCBS PPO network ls the most cost-effective means for the covered Individuals to gain quality healthcare. Healthcare providers who are out-of network are available to the members; however, at a higher deductible and copayment as compared to the In-network providers.

If you are currently enrolled in the IUOE Local Unions 181, 320 & TVA Humana® MAPD plan, please call Labor First for all of your plan needs and questions. You can reach a Dedicated IUOE Local Unions 181, 320 & TVA Retiree Advocate at (TTY 711) or Toll Free at 1.833.217.5303 (TTY 711).  Advocates can assist you with plan questions, billing questions, drug lookups, prior authorizations and other requirements, pharmacy/provider assistance and so much more. We urge you to utilize the Labor First Advocacy Team to help you get the most out of your plan and receive service.

Prescription Drug coverage Is an Important aspect of our healthcare program. The Plan utilizes CAREMARK. Inc. for your prescription drug coverage. Caremark, Inc. helps to manage the cost of this benefit. Under Caremark, Inc. the members have access to local participating pharmacies for any 30-day prescription needs. Caremark also offers a mail order program for long-term maintenance medications. The mail order program can save the member and the fund additional monies when utilized.

Effective September 1, 2010, a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) was established for all eligible active participants or any retiree or early retiree with active work hours. Those eligible participants will have a credit of $.75 for each credited work hour placed Into this account. Two (2) Wex Health Cards will be Issued In the member's name. These funds may be used by any eligible dependent listed on the Plan, however, each dependent will not be Issued a card. These funds have been set aside to be used exclusively to cover certain medical-related out-of-pocket expenses, not otherwise covered by the Plan.
Amounts In the HRA accumulate over time, I.e. unused amounts may accumulate and be carried over from year to year dependent upon the ellglblllty status of the member. In addition, It Is Important to SAVE ALL ITEMIZED RECEIPTS when using the Wex Health Card. The HRA account Is tax-free money that Is regulated by the Internal Revenue Service. In order to comply with IRS regulations, you may receive a letter In the mail requesting that you supply this documentation (Itemized receipts) for specific transactions. Failure to supply this documentation could result In the suspension of your Wex Health Card. If you have any questions or require further detailed explanation of any of the above, call the Fund office at:
Local: (270) 826-6750
Toll Free: +1 (800) 242-7076 or +1 (800) 626-7024

Any time a member has a life change or a change In Information, an Enrollment Form will be sent to you for your completion. These changes Include a change of address, change of beneficiary, change of marital status whether marrying or divorcing, the addition of a new baby or dependent, and change of a member or dependent's other primary Insurance coverage. By accessing, completing and mailing this form, the completion time for making these changes will be greatly reduced.
Download Health & Welfare Enrollment Form

Anytime you are working as an IUOE Operating Engineer outside of Locals 181, 320 & TVA's jurisdiction you must complete a Request and Authorization for Transfer of Contributions form and submit it to the IUOE Local whose territory you are working In. This gives the jurisdictional IUOE Local authorization to transfer your Health and Welfare hours to your home local. By accessing, completing and sending this form to the IUOE Local you are working under, you may reduce the time It takes to receive transferred hours, which could affect your eligibility.
Request and Authorization for Transfer of Contribution Form

To receive reimbursement for covered expenses paid out-of-pocket, you must complete one form per patient along with the Information listed on the form. Please allow up to 30 business days for reimbursement and all reimbursements for claims will be made payable to the member.
Download HRA Reimbursement Form

The fund Office accepts ACH Direct Payments from retirees and early retirees. Many retirees are now taking advantage of this option to have their monthly self-payment automatically deducted and paid to the Fund Office. If you wish to have your self-payment automatically deducted, just download and complete the Authorization Form, and attach a voided check from your checking account (or deposit slip from your savings account) and mail them to the Fund Office. You may need to check with your bank to get your Bank ABA Number or Bank ID number. Remember - this Is for retirees only!
Download ACH Direct Payment Authorization Form

To cancel your established ACH Direct Payment from either your checking or savings account, please complete this form and mail to The Health and Welfare office. Any future monthly self-payments wlll have to be remitted directly to the Health and Welfare office.
Download ACH Auth Payment Cancelation Form

If an Active Member becomes disabled and unemployable while currently eligible, as a result of an illness or an injury, the Fund will credit hours to help continue the Active Members eligibility. At no cost to the Member, the Fund will credit up to a maximum often (10) weeks during a continuous period per disability. Contact the Fund office for more Information.

Health Insurance Disability Claim Form
Health & Welfare Trust Fund Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (CST) 

Health & Welfare Trust Fund Office Location:

700 N. Elm Street Henderson, KY 42420

P.O. Box 1179 Henderson, KY 42419-1179

Health & Welfare Phone:

Local (Henderson, KY):
(270) 826-6750

+1 (800) 242-7076


+1 (800) 626-7024

Fax Number:
+1 (270) 826-6770

Benefit Providers:

Medical - Anthem
Member Services:
+1 (888) 650-4047

Pharmacy - Caremark
Caremark Services:
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